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Communications tools are only as good, and effective, as those who use them. Today’s template software practically allows websites to build themselves, a college intern can purchase billboard space, and in the wrong hands, an event can be run — or run into the ground. Readmore

Creative Branding

Whether your company has been in business 100 years, or hasn’t yet opened its doors (or online presence), it will have no client or customer base unless it has an identity your target audience can see...


TV/Radio Advertising

“Trends” purporting to be conventional wisdom have been describing the slow, painful death of television and radio advertising for at least a decade now. That diagnosis is incorrect.


Outdoor Advertising

The busier our society of spenders become, the less time they have to absorb marketing messaging placed in their paths. Fortunately, “a picture is worth a thousand words” (and usually many more) still prevails.


Event Management

So much of “marketing” is so anonymous. Inanimate objects (newspapers, televisions, computers) selling to faceless consumers known only through their demographics. Not so with events. It’s press-the-flesh time.


Award Shows

MediaConnect is a professional award night organizer. From formal black tie events to contemporary relaxed environments, we will style the award nights to fit your requirements beyond your expectations!



MediaConnect organize live and exclusive musical concerts depending upon the requirements and choice of clients at an ideal location that best suits for your event. We can arrange the perfect venue based


Corporate Parties

Make your special moment memorable forever as we are here to offer intriguing services to organize different sorts of parties! We provide exceptional services for various occasions such as corporate party,



MediaConnect organizes trade shows and exhibitions that provide opportunities for multinational, small and medium companies to showcase, promote, and sell their products and services to their clients while


Fashion Show

MediaConnect hosts fashion fairs, fashion exhibitions, fashion events for various corporate and fashion houses wherein we ensure that the concept is planned as per the client need and objective.



An experienced event and experiential media company brimming with energy and inspiration, MediaConnect creates spectacular events across the United States and around the world.


Gala Dinners

Knowing what you aim to achieve with your event will help plan accordingly. Hence our team will work with the client to know their goals and plan the event likewise. We always ensure to make the guests interested


Product Launch

We believe first impression is the best impression. Product launch is really a critical time for any company. We give kick start to your upcoming brand in the competitive market and ensure the success of the product


Road Shows

We hold expertise in organizing road shows, which can reach out to a large number of audiences and get the product noticed. We organize road shows on behalf of corporate houses, personal brands and many more


Equipments Rental

MediaConnect provides its customers with state-of-the-art audio-visual, data and video presentation equipment on rental. We support conferences, presentations as well as conventions and shows / events.



With the team of young and creative wedding planners, specialized in providing out of the box wedding decoration themes to satisfy the clients, MediaConnect is a one stop solution for all your unique wedding


About Us

We are experienced, creative, innovative and ROI-centric interactive and traditional communications experts. We understand business, markets, image and most importantly, how to define, reach and persuade the target audiences that mean the most to yours.
Frankly, everyone has the same toolbox: websites, access to advertising media, e-commerce, SEO — the potential for effective marketing and powerful impact. Yet more often than not, the marketing mark is missed, dollars are wasted, messaging gets muddled or falls flat, and the business is the victim. Lost money, lost time, lost marketshare and exposure that can do more harm than good.

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MediaConnect provides latest technology solutions including web development, SEO, email marketing, app development and many more services to accelerate your presence on web.

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Client Testimonials

I would recommend Media Connect for all specialized jobs connecting events, business and people in North America and Canada. All the best to Annie and team.

Balan Vijayan

Happy and Ruby Group, UAE

Client Testimonials

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Media Connect, USA, as an excellent integration or connecting partners for any company who is interested in doing business in the USA. I have personal knowledge of the competency of Media Connect because I have worked with Ms.Annie over 4 years on a variety of projects which was not limited to media. Ms.Annie has displayed a unique ability to identify and solve problems. Media Connect's style is methodical, organized and creative with an uncanny ability to connect companies, people, inspire it's audience. Their presentation skills are effective as shown to me through the work I have experienced firsthand with Media Connect.

Soman John Thomas

Basking Ridge, USA

Client Testimonials

"I have worked in the past with Ms. Annie on movie premier projects. I have found her to be very organized, concise and thorough. I would highly recommend Media Connect to anyone." Good Luck to Ms. Annie and team.

Ajayan Venugopalan

Movie Screen Writer

Client Testimonials

Having Media Connect as your partner ensures success. I recommend Media Connect, connecting partner for any company who want to do events and business in USA and Canada.

Gaffar Kandy, Director

Confident Group

Client Testimonials

Media Connect is my number one recommendation for connecting people. I would definitely recommend Media Connect to anyone who is looking to do product launches, events and business in North America. All the best to Annie.

Varghese Moolan

Moolans Group

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