Augmented Reality

Digital craftsmanship has taken a whole new level in interactive experience by allowing users to superimpose 3D images with real time videos captured by your phone camera. This concept of Augmented Reality has taken the world by storm with companies clamoring to ascend the proverbial ladder of success. Augmented Reality applications aim to generate real time interaction with any brand that aligns itself to this new concept. Through this virtual technology, products seem to come alive, creating an illusion of following their instincts and these images are viewed in incredible detail. It would take all you have to desist from reaching out and touching those realistic looking images.


Augmented Reality Videos

Customers are ready to be awed, but the amount of incredulity you can generate with the concept of Augmented Reality, makes it even more special. Once you download an augmented reality video application, you can see its magic. Select an advertisement that is devised for augmented reality, open the application and scan the image with the camera in your android phone or tablet. Immediately a video player will appear on the advertisement and you will be able to view its video version. The amazing technology in augmented reality enables you to see a digital version in the print medium. It is a value addition to the advertisement.

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