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Communications tools are only as good, and effective, as those who use them. Today’s template software practically allows websites to build themselves, a college intern can purchase billboard space, and in the wrong hands, an event can be run — or run into the ground.

Businesses are just a few inexperienced clicks away from marketing malpractice, whether they commit it themselves or settle for marketing representation that is more concerned with their billables than yours. It happens every day.

We at MediaConnectUSA invite you to learn more about our principals, our experience and our services. Then, if you like what you see, call us in confidence at 347 990 2009 to discuss your particular situation, pain or needs. We are eager to understand you, support you, serve you.

Our Services


Creative Branding

Whether your company has been in business 100 years, or hasn’t yet opened its doors (or online presence), it will have no client or customer base unless it has an identity your target audience can see, feel and grasp. This identity begins your brand.

Asking potential consumers to focus in today’s lightening-fast whir of messaging mayhem may often be asking too much. Consumers are technology savvy and sophisticated, and they demand to be sold on their own terms. Give it to them. Package (brand!) you through today’s rules of play. Give them a reason to notice you and remember you, and invite them in to learn more. This is an era of pull vs. push. Consumers today don’t want to be told, they want to be sold.


TV/Radio Advertising

“Trends” purporting to be conventional wisdom have been describing the slow, painful death of television and radio advertising for at least a decade now. That diagnosis is incorrect.

Yes, interactive media such as the Internet has displaced some more traditional media spending, but the ongoing effectiveness and power of the more traditional media remains — if employed and managed properly.

Recent marketshare studies, most pointedly one conducted by Turner Broadcasting and Horizon Media, examined television’s performance and effectiveness as an advertising medium from 2009 to 2014. Among the most important finds, according to and reported on by Adweek in 2015, is that “TV advertising effectiveness has remained steady during that time period and outperforms digital and offline changes at driving key performance metrics like sales and new accounts.” Is it right for you? Let’s talk.


Outdoor Advertising

The busier our society of spenders become, the less time they have to absorb marketing messaging placed in their paths. Fortunately, “a picture is worth a thousand words” (and usually many more) still prevails. Yet again, only when executed creatively and effectively.

It would be inaccurate to offer that trends reflect the demise of outdoor advertising the way they have reflected on broadcast media — with such trends being inaccurate anyway. One need only drive a few miles to feel the ongoing health of the outdoor adversing industry. And although drivers are but one audience influenced by outdoor advertising, they are a critical one.

For example, Arbitron’s most recent research on the effectiveness of outdoor advertising on “America’s in-car media audience,” The Arbitron National In-Car Study, includes, among other relevant information, “United States residents aged 18 years or older who notice the advertising message on roadside billboards each time, most of the time or sometimes 71% of the population aged 18 or older.” The challenge, of course, is to develop creative advertising superior to that of those making visually competitive noise. And more importantly, superior to those businesses that directly compete with yours.


Event Management

So much of “marketing” is so anonymous. Inanimate objects (newspapers, televisions, computers) selling to faceless consumers known only through their demographics.
Not so with events. It’s press-the-flesh time. Real people interacting with other real people. Sellers and buyers. Fans and skeptics. Unknowns.

Whether during a trade show, concert or other musical performance or just an outright party, event management begins well before the first invitation is sent. The planning is critical, and it is during planning that many critical mistakes can be made. Our experience and outstanding team can attend to every detail, every message, every guest. Every time.


Award Shows

MediaConnect is a professional award night organizer. From formal black tie events to contemporary relaxed environments, we will style the award nights to fit your requirements beyond your expectations!

Award Ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular now-a-days. Corporate award nights are greatly accepted as an effective way to acknowledge people that matter to the organization. We take extra care while planning the event considering everyone who attends the function rather than the winners exclusively. No matter the size or type of award nights MediaConnect can professionally arrange the event as per your requirement.



MediaConnect organize live and exclusive musical concerts depending upon the requirements and choice of clients at an ideal location that best suits for your event.

We can arrange the perfect venue based on your requirements. We create suitable options from the best of the talent from which you could design with us your dream event. Our professional team will work with you to design the event according to your vision and requirements.


Corporate Parties

Make your special moment memorable forever as we are here to offer intriguing services to organize different sorts of parties! We provide exceptional services for various occasions such as corporate party, theme party and many more.

We have an excellent team who analyze the brand, its values, attributes, strategy etc. and design and manages the corporate events according to the client requirement. We deliver high profile corporate events as well as smaller office parties all according to your needs.


Equipment Rental

MediaConnect provides its customers with state-of-the-art audio-visual, data and video presentation equipment on rental. We support conferences, presentations as well as conventions and shows / events.

We can deliver equipment, setup and show you how to use it. We also provide audiovisual technician who could operate the equipment for you during the event.



MediaConnect organizes trade shows and exhibitions that provide opportunities for multinational, small and medium companies to showcase, promote, and sell their products and services to their clients while transferring knowledge and expertise.

Our professional team of stall fabrication experts can provide you with stunning stall design ideas which helps you to communicate with your clients as your stall acts as the medium of communication.


Fashion Shows

MediaConnect hosts fashion fairs, fashion exhibitions, fashion events for various corporate and fashion houses wherein we ensure that the concept is planned as per the client need and objective.

Our experts offer amazing concepts according to the client needs and our team makes it into reality.Our creative designers propose a variety of themes and select the best one that goes with the concept. The concept of designer wardrobes and accessories is selected according to the style and execution of the theme.



An experienced event and experiential media company brimming with energy and inspiration, MediaConnect creates spectacular events across the United States and around the world.

Our expert team of festival planners comes up with creative ways to promote the festival so as to make the attendees feel good. We believe our key role is to ensure that the attendees of the event leave with a positive experience. For that we always take extra care to make sure that no physical detail is overlooked or mismanaged.


Gala Dinners

Knowing what you aim to achieve with your event will help plan accordingly. Hence our team will work with the client to know their goals and plan the event likewise. We always ensure to make the guests interested in the event.

Whether you are looking for Gala dinner planning company to manage all aspect of your corporate gala dinner or you would just like to have some gala dinner entertainment, we can help.


Product Launches

We believe first impression is the best impression. Product launch is really a critical time for any company. We give kick start to your upcoming brand in the competitive market and ensure the success of the product launch events organized by us.

We provide qualitative services that help our clients in brand recognition and visibility of products.


Road Shows

We hold expertise in organizing road shows, which can reach out to a large number of audiences and get the product noticed. We organize road shows on behalf of corporate houses, personal brands and many more.

We work with our Clients to understand their need and conceptualize accordingly so as to ensure that the intended message is conveyed to the target audience.



With the team of young and creative wedding planners, specialized in providing out of the box wedding decoration themes to satisfy the clients, MediaConnect is a one stop solution for all your unique wedding planning.

We deliver exclusive service planning including managing budget, vendors, venues, and all the minute details that go into planning a wedding. We work with the clients and plan themes for wedding for the couple as well as guests attending the marriage.

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