Pinterest launches Buyable Pins for Android; social networks are gearing up for online retail

Over the years, more and more consumers have started opting for online shopping. Looking at this trend, many social media giants have plans to cash in on the ‘online shopping’ frenzy by incorporating it into their platforms in small and steady ways. Both Facebook and Twitter have been working on/testing buy button directly within the social site, and now Pinterest finally brings its Buyable Pins to Android after introducing it for iOS in June.


Pinterest made the announcement via its blog and shed some light on its new Pinterest Shop and also highlighted some pointers about ‘on trend’ feature which offers curated collections on clothing, jewellery, home items and more.

This isn’t the first social-networking platform to incorporate such a commerce strategy to its service. The only edge or major advantage to social giants getting into online retail is that they have a massive following which allows their service to be used by millions worldwide. A few would either allow shoppers to directly buy products within the website or direct them to another e-commerce portal. In any case, social networks provide a gateway for consumers and posses a strong brand name globally as well. It also makes perfect sense as almost 80 percent of the crowd spends their time on social platforms, so why not offer them the ability to shop as well!