The Great Outdoor(s) – Advertising

Walking through any town or city, it is common to see many people hunched over or otherwise engaged with their mobile devices. And when given the chance to sit in the right environment and with a Wifi connection, one is just as likely to see eyes riveted on laptop screen and iPads.

In many homes, it’s much the same. Children focus on fights and fury brought to them through computer games, parents shop online and many people tap into their entertainment through streaming Netflix.

The commercial formula that founded the Internet includes offsetting the expenses of consumer access with advertising. In many cases, this works through obvious online ads and advertorials to consumer behavior tracking. One of the challenges for advertisers is to try to cut through the cyber-clutter and be visible and persuasive. It’s a very crowded playing field.

So with these potential obstacles, when can one improve their chances to grab the focus and attention often so difficult to find online? How about outside? Or, technically speaking, outdoor advertising.

Fortunately, there are parts of most people’s days that are not spent in front of a mobile device or computer screen. Short and long term travelers, whether on foot, in the car or using mass transportation, have their heads up and are observing the world around them. Effective outdoor advertising can be in that world.

With professional marketing counsel, businesses and organizations can strategically purchase space on electronic and static billboards, mass transit signage and numerous other places that can feature their message. Usually, the competition for attention is far less than other mediums. And with effective creativity, the visibility pays dividends by being remembered.

Of course the Internet is not entirely absent from this process. Outdoor messaging often drives consumers to the advertisers’ websites. The difference is that these consumers, when made aware of the outdoor messages that interest them, now have a specific destination to go to on the Internet — yours.